Language@Internet Cyberlinguistics Journal

The best part about this job is working with renowned cyberlinguist Susan Herring, who is just so cool. Her work on gender and computer-mediated communication is really fascinating, and has very much expanded the way I look at user experience design. The second-best thing is the journal itself, Language@Internet. As editorial assistant, I get to read all of the to-be-published articles, edit and prepare them for publication, and upload them in different forms through the CMS. I try to spend some quality time with all of the articles I edit, since they almost always make me reconsider the social media practices I take for granted. Check out some of these great articles that Language@Internet has published:

The Eurovision Song Contest on YouTube: A Corpus-based analysis of language attitudes  by Dejan Ivković of York University, Canada

The putative email style and its explanations: Evidence from two effect studies of Dutch direct mail letters and direct marketing emails by Frank Jansen of Utrecht University, The Netherlands

The effect of dialect and gender on the representation of consonants in Jordanian chat  by Samir Jarbou and Bhutania al-Share of Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

Whatchanade? Rapid language change in a private email sibling code by Charley Rowe of The University of Cyprus and the University of Hong Kong

“Me and my guide poodle, Lara, are about to begin our third year at the Hebrew University”: Adults with visual impairment and blindness position themselves interactively in computer-mediated conversations by Irit Kupferberg and Itay Hess of Levinsky College, Israel

Other exciting developments: Dr. Herring is currently putting together a multivolume compilation of cyberlinguistics scholarship for Routledge, which I will be able to help with as well. Routledge has already published some fantastic books about new media and cyberculture, which you can read about here!

Excerpt from the most recent volume of Language@Internet: